Tuesday, 23 March 2010

CITES lacking bite

Well, as i write this, we're half-way through a day of disaster for sharks. This morning both the hammerhead proposal and the whitetip sharks propospals fell by the wayside. Ho hum; those were the two most pundits had down as evens at worst.

Now, we're just hearing a re-hash of the same arguments for the fourth time that'll ultimately end up with a reasonably close vote - but I wouldn't hold your breathe on it being one that's good for conservation. Nope it's Doha = Noha for this meeting.

At least there was something positive to come out of Committee meeting two, where action to tackle rhino poaching got a thumbs up, as did stronger measures to protect Humphead Wrasse; a special thanks to China for strenthening the latter, with an amendment on the need for stricter domestic measures to protect the Wrasse from illegal trade.

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