Friday, 19 March 2010

Dead ducks

No prizes for guessing what grabbed all the media headlines in yesterday's action-packed day at the meeting.

Well, it wasn't the Marianas Mallard, which quietly slipped into oblivion, with not one objection raised to the proposal to delist it.

But not so the Bluefin Tuna, where you could almost cut the atmosphere with a knife in the meeting room.

The Libyan delegate held forth with a lively intervention, which ultimately led to a vote on the proposal being called. At that stage, the debate was less than an hour away from the relative safety of a working group, which could have met over the weekend and ironed out the differences between parties.

Instead, into the vote we headed. And what an outcome - a resounding defeat for the proposal.

So that's it then: days, weeks, months of lobbying all backed up by sound science.

For what - so the world can put all its faith back into a management process that has been failing for years.

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