Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Porbeagle pickup

Well, the last report was premature as it turned out, becasue lo and behold, the Porbeagle shark made the grade and got listed! It was a close run thing though, as the vote went through 86 in favour to 42 against. Just one vote the other away and the poor beagle would have gone down too.

It was a secret ballot, and the Belgian delegation saved the day by pointing out their voting button didn't work - and neither did that of their neighbours the Czech Republic. The chair called for everyone to vote YES to test the system, and it came back with 7 NOs and 2 Abstentions. Work that one out if you can...

Earlier, some nifty camera work saved the blushes of two delegates who were caught kissing on camera while the Saudi delegate was speaking. The camera quickly averted its gaze and that of the watching media in the press room.

1 comment:

  1. Any indication on who kissed, and whether it had any relation to the voting?